Relevance of Pitrukarma

Question : A reader has asked me as to why I give so much importance to resolution of Pitru Dosh.

(i) For the last thousand years, we Hindus have literally stopped abiding Dharma and also have not been doing qualified sadhana . Hence, many ancestors of our house who did not do qualified Sadhana have not got Gati (momentum after death). Also, we too have not done Pitru Karma (performed rituals for the ancestors) with full faith as per scriptures.

(ii) A majority of the people do a lot of things for deities; but do not perform Pitru Karma for the ancestors in a similar manner. The reason is lack of Dharma Shikshan (absence of education about  Dharma). Thus, many homes have Deva Krupa (blessings of God) and Pitru-shaap (curse of the ancestors)!

(iii) In the present times, there is a preponderance of negative energies. Hence, in many homes, unsatiated ancestors are being captivated by the mantriks(most powerful demonic forces of the subtle world) and are ordered to give troubles to their own descendents.

(iv) A majority of the so-called saints are not aware of the subtle world and only some saints possess this knowledge and those who possess, they do not want to get into all this.

(v) In current times, there are five saints at Paratpara level (above 90% spiritual level) among the people. And the entities of the subtle world have become aware of it. Thus, they are giving troubles to their descendants for their Gati from these saints .

(vi) The men folk (purush) have stopped giving importance to Pitru Karma. Hence, there is a thick black veil clouding their mind and intellect that they do not believe such things. Hence, they have to be repeatedly told about it.

(vii) The more we ignore after-death religious rituals, we will be troubled by the subtle world. Because of lack of appropriate practice of Sadhana and not performing Shradh for the ancestors, a being after death in Kaliyug becomes easily a part of negative energies and this will increase their numbers in the subtle world. Hence, it is important to accord importance to performing Pitru Karma. – (Paratpar guru) Tanuja Thakur

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