The root cause of 80% of the problems in household life is in the spiritual realm

Today, 100% population of the world suffers from Pitru Dosh (problems posed by unsatiated ancestors) or problems caused by subtle negative energies because of not following the Dharma. Despite all the luxuries and comforts that science can offer and all the money, the life of several householders is like hell. Because of blind imitation of western culture and by not following Dharma as prescribed by the Vedic culture, a majority of the people are in distress and are unhappy.

The root cause of this is the impressions or Sanskars of Sadhana not being inculcated during Brahmacharya phase. Today, Hindus are neither taught about Dharma at home, nor in temples, schools and colleges. As a result, when such students reach the stage of Gruhasth Ashram (householder), they have to endure several problems at a spiritual level, because as the Scriptures ordain, ‘सुखस्य मूल: धर्म:’ (“Sukhasay Mulah Dharmah”, meaning the root of a happy life lies in abiding by Dharma. Thus, Dharmacharan (following the Dharma) is of prime importance as it is Dharma that teaches us the science of spirituality and spiritual practice. According to the Vedic Dharma, a householder has been advised to do Panch Mahayadnya (the five great sacrifices), but today a majority of the householders do not do this, and that is why their lives are beset with spiritual problems. Tanuja Thakur

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