Saree is the only Sattvik costume for Women


Over the last five years, several married women (particularly those brought up in smaller towns and suburban cities) have told me that we prefer to wear a saree, but my husband says that like other women, you too should wear jeans and T-shirt according to the western culture, hence in order to fullfill my husband’s wish I have to wear such clothes!  Today most of the men feels that  his wife’s Sanskars must be like his mother’s; but externally she must look western in appearance, so that their honour and respect (???) in the society is upheld – dont such men suffer from inferiority complex !  India would possibly be the only nation in the world that does not pride in its own civilization, culture, language, apparel and does not nurture it!!  Saree is the only Saatvik costume that protects a woman’s body from negative energies hence our Rushis-Munis (sages) had recommended wrapping the body in a nine yard, or six yard cloth.  Today, the reason behind women suffering from reproductive disorders and the increase of IVF centres in India is that women have stopped doing qualified sadhana apart from  following Dharmaacharan pertaining to clothes and ornaments and have started wearing Tamoguni clothes according

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