Dharmaa Prasaar Sewa

RishikeshIn may 2013, I met a Sanyasi (renunciant) in Rushikesh, he had taken renunciation at the age of 12 and since then, according to him, he has been spending his life as a renunciant, he told that he has done his PhD in Ramayana from Varanasi’s Sanskrut Vidyapeeth. He said, “At times, I feel where have I got myself trapped by establishing this Ashram (hermitage) and then I get very disturbed and feel like running away to some remote part of Himalayas.” A Sanyasi expressed his pain in the real sense, upon which I told him that at times, I too get the thought that I too should just concentrate on my Vyashti Sadhana (spiritual practic for individual spiritual progress) and must not, at least do Dharmaa Prasaar on Facebook et al; but then I realize all the troubles that my Shree Guru took to ensure my progress on the path of spirituality hence I tell myself I must also do all this in order to express gratitude towards my Shree Guru and I once again start doing Seva of spreading spirituality through Facebook with renewed vigour. – Tanuja Thakur

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