Characteristics of Varna system-based ancient Indian culture

Some Characteristics of Varna system-based ancient Indian culture were as follows:
• Post and prestige were given according to Karma (action) and not on the basis of birth.
• The position in the society was given on the basis of sacrifice and contribution made unto abiding and spreading Dharma and spirituality.
• The provision for punishment too was similar, the higher the Varna (the spiritual potency), stricter was the punishment inflicted.
• Untouchability and discrimination did not exist in the society.
• Everyone had the right to do Sadhana as per his spiritual capacity .
• By increasing one’s spiritual capability, anyone could rightfully move up to the next higher Varna ike the kshatriya kings used to be adored like the brahman after doing and increasing their spiritual potency
• Every person used to dispense the responsibilities pertaining to Vyashti (personal) and Samashti (societal) according to one’s Varna.-Tanuja Thakur

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