Spiritual Healing

Salt water treatment

Take half a bucket of water, (hot or cold, depending upon the weather), put a spoonful of rock salt (natural salt possesses higher capacity to neutralise the problems caused by negative energies as compared to iodised salt) and put one spoon of Gau Mutra of a Desi (Indian) cow in a bucket of water. Sit […]

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Problems related to studies and their spiritual solutions

Over the last year, several parents and students have shared studies-related problems to me. These include lack of concentration during studies; inability to memorise lessons; not feel like studying; falling ill during examination ; students turning rowdy; despite being competent, not being able to get the desired result in competitions; turning addicts’, excessive sexual thoughts […]

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WHAT IS NEGATIVE ENERGY? Since the time the universe was created, the Almighty created two energies, Dev (Deities) and Asur (Demons). One is a benevolent force meant for human welfare, while the other is a negative, destructive force. When an evil person dies and his last rites are not performed according to Vedic rituals; or […]

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Spiritual healing vis-a-vis negative energies

During my Dharma Prasaar (spreading spirituality), several seekers have told me that they have been facing obstacles in the means of livelihood of either the head of their family, or the eldest child; or monetary losses being caused; or money not getting saved. Or if the money is there, they are not able to derive […]

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