Spiritual healing vis-a-vis negative energies

During my Dharma Prasaar (spreading spirituality), several seekers have told me that they have been facing obstacles in the means of livelihood of either the head of their family, or the eldest child; or monetary losses being caused; or money not getting saved. Or if the money is there, they are not able to derive benefit from it due to legal proceedings; or there are no promotions in the job; or there is no job, or no stability in the job.
Such troubles can be due to several reasons, but primarily Prarabdh (destiny ), Pitru Dosh, or negative energies are responsible for it. Only a saint can tell why such problems are occurring in someone’s life; but the question is: Where and how to find a true saint? . Hence, one should try out the following solutions as per spiritual science :
(i) Worship your Kuldevtaa (family deity). If the name and the original place of the Kuldevtaa is known, one must go there along with the family at least once a year and follow family tradition and rituals of worshiping the family deity.
(ii) While doing your daily worship, remember your Kuldevtaa and offer him or her Dhoop (incense), lamp, gandh(chandan or kumkum), flowers and Naivedya (food offering).
(iii) If you are affected by any of the above-mentioned financial problems, do chant the name of your Kuldevtaa, three Malaas or rosary every day. If you do not know the name of your Kuldevtaa, chant “Shree Kuldevatayee Namah” (one Maala means chanting 108 times) and remember the form of God you venerate. Kuldevtaa is the deity responsible for our material and spiritual progress.
(iv) It has been noticed that if there is a conjunction of wealth in one’s Prarabdh(destiny) but if there is Pitru Dosh in the house, the ancestors create troubles pertaining to money, or cause monetary losses. Hence, for the removal of Pitru Dosh, try the following spiritual measures:

• Do ritualistic worship of the photograph or statue of God Dattatreya every day.
• Every month offer one meal to a Brahmin on the Mrityu Tithi (date of demise by Hindu lunar calendar) of the head of the family or on Amavasya (No Moon day)
if the exact date of demise is not known, If this is not possible, offer money for food to a Brahmin every month on that date. (On such dates, serving food to a poor person does not provide any relief from Pitru Dosh).
• Chant “Shree Guru Dev Dutt” for six hours on a regular basis.
• Pray to God Dattatreya with Bhaa(earnestness) in the following manner:
“O God Dattatrey! The ancestors, who are creating hurdles in the way of the means of livelihood of the male members of my family, please protect them from the departed ancestors’ wrath and help them settle down financially. Kindly allow the formation of a Suraksha Kavach (protective armour) around the members of our family. Please let your benign Grace be upon us, we seek your refuge.” Say this prayer along with chanting as many times as possible during a day.
• Remove photographs of your ancestors in the house from your sight. Either immerse the photographs in running water of a river, or tie them up inside a white cloth and keep them in an almirah. On the day of Shraadha, you can take them out if you want.
• Recommend all the points pertaining to the chanting of God Dattatreya and about resolution of Pitru Dosh to the maximum number of people as all are suffering today with this problem.
• Avoid the use of black-coloured cloth in the house as much as possible. In Sanatan Dharma, the use of black colour is for resolving the curse of Shani, or for wearing it on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Else, the use of black colour has been prohibited for an ordinary person.
• Serve food to Brahmins during Pitru Paksh.
• Chant 72 Maalas (rosary) of Shree Guru Dev Dutt during Pitru Paksh everyday.
• During Pitru Paksh, male members of the house must offer an oblation of water and Til (sesame seeds) and perform Shraddha.
• Contribute your mite through your body, mind and wealth for the mission of saints, or for activities pertaining to Dharma.

(v) If there are troubles caused by negative energies in the house, wealth is destroyed, or if wealth doesn’t accumulate. For this, carry out Vaastu Shuddhi (purification of the premise) regularly. For more information in this regard, visit this link. http://tanujathakur.com/?p=1789
(vi) One must try to do both Vyashti and Samashti Sadhana to receive God’s grace consistently.
(vii) ‘संतोषं परम् सुखं’ ‘Santosham param sukham’, (satisfaction with what You have given is the foremost pleasure); Goddess Lakshmi gets appeased when one lives a life based on this principle of satisfaction and gratification with whatever God has given.
(viii) Remember that Lakshmi stays in a house only for 40 years and after that leaves that house for 80 years and returns only after 80 years. If anyone wants to escape from this cycle, keep your money pure and unadulterated. In this connection, a Shloka from Skand Purana is particularly inspiring:

न्‍यायोपार्जित वित्तस्‍य दशमांशेन धीमत: ।
कर्तव्‍यो विनियोगश्‍च ईश्‍वर प्रीत्‍यर्थमेव च ।। – स्‍कंदपुराण
“Nyayopaarjita vittasy dashmaanshena dheematah
Kartavyo viniyogashcha Ishwaar preethyarthameva cha” – Skand Purana
It means that by following the path of Dharma, the wealth earned becomes pure only when a tenth portion of it is offered towards spiritual cause, for any work pertaining to Dharma, or mission of a saint.
Therefore, if we desire the grace of Lakshmi on our house and family, we must offer a tenth portion of our income for a spiritual cause every month. By doing so, we can easily protect ourselves from the monetary losses caused by ancestors or negative energies. Along with this, the incidence of diseases and tragedy in the house too get reduced.
Saints are the physical manifestations of the Almighty. Hence by offering money for the work of saints, our Sanchit Karma (accumulated actions or that portion of both sinful and meritorious deeds that we have to endure in future births) get destroyed and we become eligible for God’s grace.

As mentioned in Skanda Purana, by offering wealth to spiritual causes purifies the wealth. Hence, when out of emotions, we donate money to any orphanage or to some poor people, get a school or hospital constructed, we get Punya (meritorious deed) and have to take birth again to enjoy the same. A Seeker should make efforts not to create neither any new sinful deeds nor meritorious deeds, for according to the science of spirituality, Paap (sinful deed) is considered Paapatmak Paap (sinful sin) and Punya Karma is considered Punyaatmak Paap (meritorious sin). In terms of the end result, both are chains, one made of iron and the other of gold. Hence, one must know about the simplest principle of sacrificing wealth. One who does not have the inclination to sacrifice should make an attempt to donate with a feeling to the poor, orphans, or beggars. The one who is already making this kind of sacrifice, must graduate to the next level and must donate to saints without expectation.
Saints do not require our money as Asht Mahasiddhis ( eight supernatural powers) play in their abode. Hence, they oblige us by accepting even a small portion of our wealth. ‘Tera tujhko arpan’ (I am offering to you all that is yours), with this feeling, one should offer a portion of the income every month. When the portion of monetary sacrifice reaches 55% from 10%, only then does a saint of a high level accept someone as a disciple !

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