Since the time the universe was created, the Almighty created two energies, Dev (Deities) and Asur (Demons). One is a benevolent force meant for human welfare, while the other is a negative, destructive force. When an evil person dies and his last rites are not performed according to Vedic rituals; or the soul is not able to gain momentum due to bad deeds; or some of his/her desires remain unfulfilled; and if one does not follow spiritual practices for the liberation of such unsatiated ancestors, such embodied souls too join the group of negative forces. In the absence of spiritual strength, mantriks(negative energies) much more powerful than them turn such embodied souls captive in the subtle world and force them to do evil deeds. Thus, they are troubled for a long time.
Today, in the absence of people abiding by the Vedic Dharma’s code of conduct, the problems caused by negative energies in one’s personal and social life have increased manifold, leading to a Trahimam (have mercy on us!) like situation.

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