Salt water treatment

Take half a bucket of water, (hot or cold, depending upon the weather), put a spoonful of rock salt (natural salt possesses higher capacity to neutralise the problems caused by negative energies as compared to iodised salt) and put one spoon of Gau Mutra of a Desi (Indian) cow in a bucket of water. Sit on a chair and keep both your feet in the water for 15 minutes and chant Shree Guru Dev Datt. After 15 minutes, take your feet out, throw away the water and wash your feet with clean water.
Other family-members should not put their feet in this water. Also remember that your feet should not be kept in water for more than 15 minutes. See if there is mild sunlight such as in the morning or evening and the sky is blue then you can do the salt-water treatment under the sky. Doing it under the sky and the sun enhances its impact and makes it all the more powerful and increases its spiritual potency.. But before doing the treatment, pray thus: “May the element of divinity present in the sky, sun, salt, water and Gau Mutra destroy the black veil surrounding my mind and intellect.” Do this remedy twice a day, with a minimum gap of 6-8 hours. And continue it for two or three years as per the severity of the problems.
Doing salt-water treatment regularly reduces the problems pertaining to the mind and intellect as the black veil that surrounds them is destroyed, thus helping in better concentration and peace.
Similarly, taking a bath regularly with salt-water and Gau Mutra destroys the black veil surrounding the mind and intellect. For this, before taking a bath, take 8-10 mugs of water, put a teaspoonful of rock salt and a teaspoonful of Gau Mutra, mix it well and pray thus: “May this Gau Mutra and salt-water bath destroy the black veil surrounding my mind and intellect and may I receive Chaitanya (divine consciousness).” After this, take a normal bath. Both these processes must be done by those members of the family who suffer from problems.

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