How to identify the cause of my suffering is Ancestral problem?

Inability to get married, ,Marital disharmony, Addictions, Going blank in examinations despite being well prepared for it, Loss of job, Difficulty in conceiving a child, Miscarriages, Bearing mentally challenged children or children with special needs are strong indication of ancestral problems

But only a Saint or a Guru (a spiritually evolved guide) can tell with certainty the root cause of a problem.
At an intellectual level, we could use two rules of thumb to decide if the cause of the suffering is spiritual in nature:

1) All remedies to solve the problem have failed. This is especially so when the problem should be easily treatable by modern sciences such as a skin rash, chest pain, etc.

2) A number of family members (e.g. 4 out of 5) are suffering with any of the above mentioned issues simultaneously. (The reason that all the family members get affected is that they all have the same ancestors.)


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