Mumukshutva (the presence of an intense desire for self-realisation)

The most important attribute to realise God is Mumukshutva (the presence of an intense desire for self-realisation).  A seeker who possesses this attribute gets past all obstacles on the path to spiritual practice and becomes one with the Supreme Power.  Let us see what is Mumukshutva.

The intense yearning  to attain liberation is called Mumukshutva.   When a seeker understands where his/her ultimate welfare rests, the seeker develops an intense desire for self realisation  and begins to transcend in that direction. I would like to refer to an incident in this context.

The ways of saints are unique and their style of teaching spirituality is amazing.  Incidents pertaining to saints are the most inspiring ones that provide enthusiasm and appropriate viewpoint for spiritual practice.

Once a disciple asked  Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans, “What is the most important attribute to realize God?”  Swami replied with simplicity – “Mumukshutva (Intense desire for self-realisation.)”   The disciple asked, “Can you please explain what is Mumukshutva (intense desire for self-realisation) ?”

Swami said, “I will tell you when the time comes.”   A few days passed, but Swami did not speak a single word about the topic to the disciple.  One day both of them set out for a dip in river Ganga. No sooner had the disciple proceeded for the dip and put his head inside the water, Swami  pressed it inside without letting him take the head out of the water. The disciple tried to take his neck out to breathe, but Swami would not let him do so.  Within a few moments, the disciple felt that he would drown and die in the water.  Just then, Swami relaxed his grip on the disciple’s head. As soon as the disciple took his head out of water, he said, “Had I stayed in water for one more second, I would have died !”  Swami replied smilingly, “I was explaining  you the meaning of Mumukshutva.”  Surprised, the disciple asked, “how?”  Swami replied, “The longing that you experienced inside the water to breathe, when you develop that kind of a longing to realize God, that is known as Mumukshutva .”

Thus, a seeker must make all efforts to develop this special attribute of intense yearning for the Supreme Being.

To increase the attribute of Mumukshutva :

i.            Be in the company of genuine seekers.

ii.           Minutely study and practice what the saints did to acquire the sainthood  status and strive to implement the same in your life.

iii.         Learn and practice how saints served their Gurus.

iv.          Make sincere efforts to learn the science behind spirituality and dharma

v.           Study on a regular basis, religious scriptures, or books written by saints.

vi.          Students and householders must accord  priority to sadhana (spiritual practice) too, along with their worldly responsibilities.

vii .       Pray incessantly unto the Guru(master) or unto God, to increase the desire for self-realisation.-Tanuja Thakur


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