Who is a seeker ?

Due to the absence of knowledge of the subtle and not practising Dharma and Sadhana properly, and to know what is the condition of seekers in a society, I would like to narrate an incident before you, which will make it clear to you that a Guru should not be assumed, one should increase one’s Sadhana, a proper Guru Himself comes into our life and accepts us as a disciple.
In May 2000, I was doing Dharma Prasaar (spreading spirituality) at Ayodhya, and one day I was telling the curious ones about spiritual practice through the medium of book exhibition. One day, a woman dressed up as a Sadhavi (woman ceibate) came to me and asked, “What do you do?” I told her that I was a full-time seeker. She began recounting the memoirs of her life, as to how she met a fake Guru, who even made her quit her government job and robbed everything she had, leaving her nowhere. Today, he is asking her for rent for living in a room in an Ashram constructed at Ayodhya out of her money. She said, “Spirituality is not the field for a woman; hence, women should not venture into this field.” Warning me, she said, “There is still time, you please go back to the worldly life, otherwise, one day you will have to face the situation I am in.” I said, “Mother, God Krushna was even there before His birth (His principle existed), Krushna existed during Draupadi’s time too and even today, He is present in a subtle form. Till the time, Draupadi relied on worldly help, and she sought refuge with Bhishma Pitamah, Guru Drona, and her five husbands, God Krushna did not come to her rescue even during Cheer-haran (disrobing); but no sooner did she let go off all such dependencies and called out to Krushna, He immediately began helping her. God Krushna protected Draupadi’s honour because she was a devotee of a high level; please forgive me for my audacity; but you fell short in your devotion; thus, you got a fake Guru. Increase your devotion. I have full confidence that if there is one truth in the Brahmaand (Universe), it is that my Shree Guru is Para Brahma (supreme God) and despite being thousands of miles away from me, He is entirely capable of protecting me and guiding me in Sadhana.” Hearing me say so, that woman became extremely happy and said, “From tomorrow, I will start doing Sadhana in your companionship.” Saying so, she went away and came back once again and began repeating the same things again. I told her, “If you do not want to do Sadhana, please don’t do so, but do not make an effort to pollute my mind.” Hearing this, she went away and never returned again. Had she wanted, she could have improved her future by doing Sadhana with us; but both her efforts, as well as Bhav (spiritual emotion) were less, such people only get caught in the cobweb of an impostor Guru.

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