The mind engrossed in Brahmanand can never feel lonely

Few days before I met an ashram administrator adorned in white robe and he after seeing and observing me for sometime , offered me to take care of the entire ashram worth rupees a billion atleast he was looking after as he wanted to go back abroad , by guru’s grace through my sublte senses I head sensed the internal strife for power going there in the ashram , I bluntly hinted him about the same, and expressed that I am not intersted in dirty power game , he was bit surprised !!
After two days he told “I feel very lonely at the age of 65 and feel that I did a mistake taking sanyas at the age of 30 and that you also should not do the same mistake” !! ( Had he done some real sadhana he would not have felt lonely , the mind engrossed in Brahmanand can never feel lonely but rather enjoys the rythym of of silence and solitude, all the highly evolved saints love to live in solitude)
Then later he wanted me to become a secretary to a so called saint who is a hard core professional kathavachak and own a huge empire of billions of rupees ! He told me your future life will be secured for sure and also told me how his present secretary has been made Mahamandaleshwar ! I really pity these so called sanyasis , he was after me to join the other kathavachak !! Poor sanyasi doesnt know one who has served the Parabhrahm like sadguru for fifteen years, cant serve a hard core professional spriitualists . Security doesnt come through money or after working under a mentor but through complete surrender for a spiritualist!!

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