Why do we have 33 kotis of deities in Sanatan Dharma?

There are 33 Koti (33 crore) of deities and they are 33 kotis of spiritual principles. If we worship the principle that we require, our spiritual progress occurs faster For instance, if the element of Shakti is deficient in our subtle body, and especially that of Bhavani, and we chant “Om shree Bhavani Devyayee namah” and pray to Her, our spiritual progress becomes faster and so God grants us birth in a family whose deity is Bhavani Maa. Our spiritual progress means a journey from Pind (body) to Brahmaand (universe) and when all the tattva(divine principles) of the Brahmaand (universe) enter the Pind (subtle body), our spiritual journey is completed. The 33 Koti deities is the outcome of the super specialisation of spiritual science of Vedic Sanatan Dharma, on which our saints and sages carried out spiritual research and have got it across to us for faster spiritual progress.-Tanuja Thakur

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