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“Some sects and communities do not do anything for the ancestors, but they do not suffer from ancestor-related problems. Why is it so?”
Some people say that those belonging to some sects do not believe in journey after death, or in rebirth alos don’t do post death rites like the Hindus do. They do not encounter any problems, why is it so? First of all, one must understand that the science of spirituality is similar for entire mankind. Just as earth revolves around the sun and not the other way out, this science too has remained a truth and eternal. But a few centuries ago, the people of the western nations held a contrary opinion. So someone having a contrary opinion does not change the truth. A truth will remain the truth whether it is recognized by anyone or not. Similarly, remember that those civilizations which do not recognize journey after life, their spirituality is in an extremely under-developed state. One must know that 70% of negative energies of the subtle world are non-Hindus.
Our sages, saints and mendicants were researchers of the highest class. They knew that even when the body ceases to live, a Jivatma continues to exist. Hence, upon the strength of their spiritual ability, they developed a spiritual process for the welfare of mankind, which we call religious rituals or Dharmaacharan. To understand such a subtle and profound subject, one needs Sadhana, meaning Tapobal (the strength of Tapa – penance). The sects that do not recognize Pitrukarm (deeds for ancestors), their ancestors too are restless and cause problems for them without them realising it. They may appear affluent from outside, but in the real sense, they do not have the remotest connection with divinity. There exists such incurable diseases in their life that despite hunting for the name of the disease, scientists take several years to identify the disease. Their family and household life is animal-like, or even of a lower grade. Do not forget that homosexuality, AIDS, terrorism and several other sinister and destructive epidemics are the gifts of such civilizations. Even today, those who follow such sects and civilizations come to Bharat (India) in search of peace. Hence, the practices recommended by Vedic culture are proven by science and the welfare and upliftment of mankind is possible only by following them.

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