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I have read in your articles that if Pitru Dosh is of a severe level, one must do 72 ‘malas’ (rosary beads) of chanting of Shree Guru Dev Datt; but we are householders, we have to go to the office at 9.00 a.m and come back only at 6.00 p.m.  As such, even after making efforts, the chanting does not get completed and at the most, only 21 ‘malas’ of chanting is done.  In such a situation, please guide me on what to do. – Nishant Bhardwaj, Raipur


If you know that there is a severe level Pitru Dosh in your house, you will have to complete this Anushthan (the 72 rounds of rosaries).  For this, cut down on your sleep for 15 days, try to complete this Jap (chant) by giving priority to the chanting rather than the  household-related chores.   Get up at 3.00 a.m, if possible, take a bath and getting free after your daily routine, wash your hands and feet with fresh water, sit down in a spot near the place of worship in the house and take a Maala (rosary beads) and start the chant.  For the counting of the Maala, keep some grams in one bowl and as the Jap keeps getting over, place the grams from the bowl into another bowl. After completion of each Maala, pray earnestly with folded hands in the following manner, “O God Dattatreya, we have to chant 72 Maalas for the entire duration of Pitru Paksh, may I be able to do it, I want your benevolence to this end, we are at your mercy, may you get this Jap done by us without any hindrance.

If there are problems in the house, many a time while doing a Jap, problems like feeling sleepy, experiencing pain, uneasiness, not feeling like chanting, feeling afraid, feeling drowsy, burping etc. can be encountered.  In such a scenario, make repeated prayers and do not chant with your eyes closed. If you keep a photograph of your Guru, or God Dattatreya before you and then do chanting, problems will be lesser.  If husband-wife sit down together, or other family members sit together and try to do chanting, the benefit accrued will be manifold.  Similarly, also do chanting for three hours in the evening.  It is not easy to give Gati (momentum) to the ancestors, but if we make an effort with Bhav (spiritual emotion), it can be attained.

Pray the whole day that there should not be any obstacle in doing chanting during evening; say a prayer even before going to sleep at night so that you may be able to get up at the appointed hour in the morning to do chanting.  Remember that if Dharmaacharan  was not followed by our ancestors and us, we are reaping its ill-effects,  if resolution of Pitru Dosh is not done in time, it  passes on to the next generation ; hence, so that your next generation does not encounter problems  making such efforts chanting for six hours should be done considering it to be a Tapa (penance)  and that too during Pitru Paksh complete this chanting.

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