Why I do not charge a specific amount of money for giving spiritual discourses?


Some friends want to know why like others, I do not charge a specific amount of money for giving spiritual discourses?
(i) The knowledge that my Shree Guru has imparted, whether it is through words and beyond words through grace, He nev…er took a single penny from me, then how can I ask for money from you?
(ii) Those sharing true knowledge never demand money, they accept whatever is offered willingly to them.
(iii) Spirituality cannot be acquired through money, nor can it be imparted through it, Seva (service), love, sacrifice and total self-surrender are required to do so.
(iv) Those who teach spirituality for money are called Acharya or Kathavachak (story-tellers) or professional preachers. I am a Sadhak (seeker), I practice  Sadhana and preach it as a part of my  Dharma.
(v) I am basically a Bhikshuni (a seeker who lives by seeking alms), when required, I seek alms for Gurukaarya (for my Shree Guru’s divine mission); but if a Bhikshuk opens the mouth to charge a definite sum of money, then what kind of an  Bhikshuk is he or she !
(vi) There is a misconception prevailing in the society that those who give Pravachans, charge a definite fees, shattering this myth too is my Dharma.
(vii) When the Shishya (disciple) completes Sadhana, the Guru asks for Gurudakshinaa (offering to Master), my Shree Guru never even asked for it.  Just for a straw that I offered, He showered priceless wealth of ‘Gurukrupa (guru’s grace)’, I have to firmly establish this concept in the society !

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