The state of Sthitpradnyata (equanimity)


If some Dhyan Margi (those following the path of meditation) see light and they experience the state of concentration for a few moments, they feel that they have become self-realised!  So keep in mind, that when your mind starts being in a state of thoughtlessness, even when you are in an awakened state and the incidents happening around you, do not perturb your mind and the mind remains stable, only then can you consider that an important stage of spirituality has been attained.  The pinnacle of the state of meditation is one in which you can meditate seamlessly and have an Anubhuti  of supreme bliss, even while being in a conscious state, implying that the necessity to meditate no longer remains!  When your mind does not get agitated over any fear, worry, or insecurity and you stay immersed in Karm (action) for several years without getting worried about its fruits, this is known as attaining the state of Sthitpradnyata (equanimity) – Tanuja Thakur

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