Dharmadhara- Subtle Universe

In response to my subtle-world related Anubhuti, few Hindus have responded by saying, “All this is crap”!! Issues pertaining to the subtle world abound in our religious scriptures, as such, by dubbing this as “crap” today’s so-called Hindus lend proof of their spiritual bankruptcy! Remember that the main credit of making Sage Tulsidas meet God Shree Ram which led to self realisation goes to a Pishach (ghost)! Thus, imparting Dharmashikshan to Hindus, according to a system quoted in the scriptures has become a crying need of the times, under which enhancing information on the subtle world and awakening the senses through Sadhana is included! The information on subtle world has been acquired through harsh penance, will not my Sadhana get destroyed by fabricating false stories?-Tanuja Thakur

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