God is bhaktvatsal (devotee-affectionate)

God Krushna did not protect Draupadi’s honour because she was beautiful, but because her heart was filled with Krushna’s thought and divine love. Hence, ladies, if you want God Krushna to come running to help you at the very first call, enhance your internal beauty ! Do chanting continuously and try to remove your doshas (personality defects) and aham (ego). Oppose injustice with Kshatravrutti (warrior-like attitude). God Krushna was there in the past, He is present even today. Since our devotion is inadequate, He does not come to our rescue during adverse circumstances. The Almighty is bhaktvatsal (devotee-affectionate). Hence, become a devotee in the real sense first, if you want divine help in adversity ! -Tanuja Thakur

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