Saint Tulsidas

Saint Tulsidas was a great devotee of God Shriram , once He went to Brindavan to visit the temples of God Krushna. Seeing the statue of Krushna, he said, “How shall I describe Thy beauty, O God! But Tulsi will bow his head only whenYou take up bow and arrow in Your hands”. The God revealed Himself before Tulsidas in the form of God Ram with bow and arrows.

The Moghul emperor at Delhi came to know of the greatness of Saint Tulsidas. The emperor asked the saint to perform some miracle. Tulsidas replied, “I have no superhuman power. I know only the name of Ram”. The emperor put Tulsi in prison and said, “I will release you only if you show me a miracle”. Tulsi then prayed to Hanuman. Countless bands of powerful monkeys entered the royal court. The emperor got frightened and said, “O saint, forgive me. I know your greatness now”. He at once released Saint Tulsidas from prison.

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