Importance of sacrifice !

Slipping sand

If there is anything that helps us to truly progress spiritually, it is sacrifice. Sacrifice helps to create the space within us to receive. Only when we let go of the sand in our hand, can God fill it with the diamonds that He has in store for us. Sacrifice can be of one’s mind, body or wealth. When we start concentrating on chanting instead of thinking about the past or future of our material life it is called as the sacrifice of mind, when we starting serving dharma, spirituality, guru’s physical body , or start offering physical seva in an ashram or a temple without remuneration it is called sacrifice of body and when we offer our money for dharma, spirituality or for guru’s mission it is called sacrifice of wealth, sacrifice of wealth although is a gross thing, its most difficult to do, only only when reaches a level of 60% is he able to sacrifice 30 to 40% of wealth because since childhood the impressions are inbuilt that money is everything hence its difficult to think life without money but after the sampoorna sharangati (total surrender) in God occurs, one understands that the Almighty who takes care of the entire universe can take care of him also, the sacrifice of wealth starts . A seeker should at least start with sacrifice of mind and body and a small percentage of wealth and then slowly increase them for their own spiritual upliftment ! One should always remember sacrifice is blissful in nature !-Tanuja Thakur

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