“Vachanam kim daridrata”

• There is a quotation in Sanskrut, “Vachanam kim daridrata”, meaning why should we become poor through words! This is the condition of majority of the Hindus, that if someone puts in any special efforts for the nation building, or Dharma (righteousness) awakening, several people merely praise them profusely to their face in ornamental language; but do not contribute a bit of their mite towards their work. Just think for yourself how praise by such people will lead to the upliftment of the nation and Dharma, or how will they get divine grace!! True Karmayogis (one who follow the Path of action) do not require any ostentatious praise, or bland encouragement!! If every Hindu devotes one hour to make an effort towards nation-building and Dharmotthan (resurgence of Dharma) through intellect, ability, wealth, or body, will it take this nation long to become regain its lost prosperity !! Therefore, become a Hindu by action, think on what I can offer to the Yadnya (sacrifice) of Dharma and nation’s building and act accordingly! – Tanuja Thakur

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