Is it fine to have an objective of becoming a spiritual guide or a master?

Is it fine to have an objective of becoming a spiritual guide or a master ?
A seeker has asked me today that is it fine to have an objective of becoming a spiritual guide or a master ?
Aiming to be a spiritual master is a good thing but in spirituality I feel its always good to be a disciple or a servitor of a guru then to be a master, as the position of a servitor is full of bliss and that of a master is very difficult and challenging, too, because the Master becomes responsible for the spiritual progress of his disciples. Many saints of the highest order too, do not opt to be a Master.
Its best to serve the guru and leave everything for Him to decide . The fact is that only the best  and the deserving disciple can be the Guru hence instead of aiming to be a master, a spiritual aspirant should always focus to inculcate the qualities of a seeker first and then the disciple. The guru always uses the optimum potential of his disciple is my first hand experience while doing spiritual practice under my Shreeguru. Hence one should try to be an earnest disciple of a saint and leave the rest to God.
Please do remember even many times saints of the highest order too do not qualify to be a guru only the saints who possess certain outstanding qualities likes skill of teaching , attitude of forgiveness, leadership qualities, immense love without expectation  for the entire living and non living things of this universe, attitude to bear pain to teach and take the seekers to higher levels of spirituality can qualify to be a spiritual master, hence one should concentrate on enriching oneself with the divine qualities instead of demanding God or guru to make him a Master. Last but not the least, its easy to be a guru and very difficult to be a disciple hence why not aim to achieve something which is more challenging and full of bliss. – Tanuja Thakur .  (4.3.2014)

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