Today a majority of the menfolk have become extroverts


Today a majority of the menfolk have become such extroverts that whenever one provides any kind of perspective into incidents of rapes, they immediately shift the onus of the blame upon the women that these days, women expose their bodies, that is why this is happening, but in countries where women sport burqas (black veils pulled over the face), the menfolk there are amongst the most amorous. A survey has evidenced that in those countries, porn sites are seen most in evidence and there are maximum cases of sexual exploitation and rape ! And in cases of rape that have been perpetuated till date, a majority of the women and girls had worn decent clothes ! Hence, the time has come for the men to instinctively turn inward, or else the injustice being perpetrated upon womenfolk and the screams for mercy by these innocents souls can bring massive destruction to mankind! And remember that Vaishya (prostitute) and Apsara (nymphs) are an integral part of Maya (illusion) and that is why God has given Vivek (power of discrimination), Dharma and Margdarshak (guides), so that with their assistance, we can decide between what is right and what is wrong !

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