Sadhna(spiritualpractice) alone goes with you after death

During the earlier times, a Gruhastha (householder) between 50-60 years of age would assign all the responsibilities to the younger generation and used togive importance to performing Sadhana.  Nowadays, in the absence of Dharma Shikshan (education about abiding Dharma), soon after retirement, people get associated with laughter clubs, while others waste their time discussing about the unrighteous political leaders, while some form groups to play card games, others waste their time watching various kinds of sports, illogical and Tamoguni (spiritually impure) serials on television, while some businessmen keep a strict vigil on the keys to their safe and their wealth, till the body stops working, implying that such an invaluable human life is wasted running after Maya (illusion). Remember the thoughts that you retain for the entire life will remain predominant at the time of death in the sub conscious mind.  As is said, ‘Anta mati so gati’ (the momentum or the state  after death  depends as is the mind at the time of death, similar is the momentum), hence one should start prior preparations for death as  soon as one  reaches the stage of Vanaprastha (literally proceeding to the forest). Remember that at the time of death and even after death, the earthly,  illusory commodities, prestige and honour  one has in this world do not come to your aid, what comes to your help is Sadhana (spiritual practice)  and it is that alone which accompanies you, for it is subtlest of the subtle ! Hope now it becomes clear why beings do not gain proper Gati (momentum) after death !-Tanuja Thakur

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