Who can recognize a saint

Why can’t we rrecognize saints with our gross eyes? Let us first understand the spiritual definition of a saint. A Jivatma (embodied soul) whose mind, intellect and ego have been completed dissolved and those who have become one with the universal mind and universal intellect, such spiritually evolved beings are known as saints. In such a case how can one recognize such a person with the five Dnyandriyas (five senses) and gross intellect? Hence, to understand saints, or to get Anubhuti(spiritual experience abut them, requires a solid foundation of Sadhana(spiritual practice), or the sixth sense of the seeker must be in an awakened state, or one should possess a Bhav (spiritual emotion) towards God. Otherwise, even if one stays with a saint, one will not be able to recognize Him or Her. -Tanuja Thakur


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