Please increase your sadhana instead of trying to increase the followership

Recently I came across sanyasi , after a few formal meetings and discussion and seeing the huge number of friends on my page He asked me to add all the members in his group , when I told him its not possible due to time constraint, then he asked for my personal password for my profile !! I was shocked to hear this, I asked him why do u want it ? He told he wants to increase the number of followers in his group ! And today I came to know that he did the same things with one more seeker of our organisation ‘Upasana’. The humble suggestions for all such sanyasis are – please increase your sadhana instead of trying to increase the follower ship ! Avoid bluffing yourself, it will lead you to nothing, be truthful, focused and introvert at least when you are wearing a spiritual robe and have adorned yourself externally in a spiritual
manner .-Tanuja Thakur

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