Being in world and doing Sadhana (spiritual practice) is not against Dharma

Being in the world and doing Sadhana is neither against Dharma (righteous conduct), nor against the scriptures; only it carries a possibility of such a being getting diverted from the ultimate goal. Thus, a householder must go to Guru’s ashram, meaning hermitage and do Sadhana for some time. Also one should live in solitude for sometime of the day, one must perform Sadhana (spiritual practice) everyday and analyse the their Sadhana (spiritual practice), as well as contribute one’s mite as per in some divine work; doing all this, provides momentum to the process of self-control. Despite being worldly, those who cross this Bhavsagar (vicious cycle of life and death) and make spiritual progress, such pure householders have been given the title of Heroes) by saints.-Tanuja Thakur

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