Whom should the hindus cast their vote to ?

O Hindus ! Cast your invaluable vote not to a party, but to a candidate who is virtuous and has pride in the Nation and Dharma; because :
1. All political parties have corrupt people.
2. All parties have criminals. All parties give tickets to goons.
3. They bribe with food, liquor and money for securing your vote.
4. No party thinks about the Nation’s welfare. Getting elected is their only concern.
5. None have implemented a policy for party-hoppers.
6. None of the political parties have opposed the enormous pay hike for the peoples’ representatives.
7. Whether in power or not, all political parties, instead of resolving national issues through discussions, create chaos in the Parliament and thereby waste public money and time.
8. All the parties are alike – for securing votes, they advocate the policy of reservation, leading to divide amongst castes.
9. No political party has tried to bring in a ‘Common Civil Code’ upon coming to power.
10. All parties resort to appeasement of Muslims and Christians.
11. All political parties turn a blind eye to the evil deeds of the caste-fanatics (especially the anti-Brahmans).
12. No political party works for the welfare of Hindus.
13. All political parties declare Hindu temples as unauthorised and demolish them.
14. None of the political parties teach citizens to sacrifice for the cause of the Nation and Dharma. All of them teach selfishness.
– H.H. Dr. Athavale (Margashirsh Krushna 3/4, Kaliyug Varsh 5112 [24th December 2010])

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