What benefits accrue by observing fasts during Chaturmas?

The intensity of attacks of negative energy gets reduced. During the rainy season, the sun’s rays come in the form of the tejtattva (fire element) in a lesser measure. For this reason, the attacks by negative energies increase. Of the diseases that spread during Chaturmas, 70% of the diseases are caused due to negative energies alone. During this period, negative energies of higher levels, activate their Siddhis (powers) with the help of the tejomay (rays of fire element) prevalent in the atmosphere. For this, they make an effort to attack ordinary people, as well as highly evolved Yogis. Due to the fasts observed during Chaturmas, the Saatvikta (purity) of the people, as well as the atmosphere increases too. Due to the impact of this Saatvikta, the intensity of the attacks by negative energies decreases. This is why the religious observances of Chaturmas has been drawn up in Hindu Dharma. Tanuja Thakur

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