Alternate of gau mutra Vaastu Shuddhi (spiritual cleansing of the premise ) for NRI

Vaastu Shuddhi (Spiritual cleansing of the premise)
Few of my NRI friends and seekers have informed me that to do vaastu shuddhi (spiritual cleansing of the premise ) they are not able to get Indian breed cow’s urine so they want to know the alternate for that. Well, one thing can be done …if you are not able to get the same -Take the  lota (of copper if possible ) that you use in the ritualistic worship, fill it with water, place the ring finger in the water, and chant OM NAMAHA SHIVAY for fifteen minutes, have the bhav (spiritual emotion ) that the finger is not yours but of God shiva and the water is getting energised with every mantra that you are chanting. Keep that water in a clean bottle , don’t use wine bottle to store it. And you can use this water for sprinkling in the entire premise twice a day morning and evening for vastu shuddhi. The power of this water will stay for three days  and then you need to again the energise the water for the next three days.
The women with big nails should not energise the water, also if she is in periods, she should not do the same. Keep the bottle in your pooja room to avoid being used by anyone for drinking .-Tanuja Thakur


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