One should practice atonements for ones mistakes.


Overlooking a mistake by saying ‘To err is human’ is a western concept.As Per our vedic culture, every mistake big or small result in sin and takes us away from God, thus the practice of atonements to nullify the sins, is prevalent till today. Mistakes reduce the fruits of Sadhana (spiritual practice), hence in ritualistic practice, too, after the ritualistic worship to Deity (Devtapujan) is done, we beg forgiveness for mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly. Similary if we want to remove the personality defects responsible for our mistake, first accept the mistake and scrutinize it, through introspection. After that, look for the root cause of the mistake and personality defect responsible for the mistake and make consistent efforts to remove it ! If the same mistakes are repeated over again and no efforts are made to remove the defects causing them, they become unpardonable sins (akshamyapaap). – Tanuja Thakur

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