The subtle world

On 22nd april 2011, I was in Dehri-on-sone in Bihar for my three days spiritual workshop , I had told a person to click few photographs of the workshop , when he gave me the photographs I found small star getting showered from above in my photograph, I was amazed , it was the bliss particle, the divine particles, the anand kan , that had got captured in the picture , one youngster had also accompanied in that programme but as she was a village girl so I thought she might not be able to click photographs properly hence I had asked someone else to click the photographs, he was related to media and had professional camera . After seeing the photographs I immediately also checked the photographs from my camera and surprisingly , the bliss particle were visible in the photgraphs taken by my camera too , so not only negative energies get trapped the positive energies too get captured at times in the cameras . I think that the Almighty in this way helps us to teach the sublte aspect of spirituality to the masses . Today the people dont believe that the divine consciousness are an integral part of the spiritually evolved , hope these pictures will be a learning lesson to the so called intellectuals who always look forward for gross level proof to believe the subtle science of spirituality

the bliss partilcles are in lesser proportion in this photograph


the bliss particles are more evident in this photograph- Tanuja Thakur

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