The spiritual viewpoint for my sufferings

One seeker today got really worried about my health , he wrote to me to seek some ayurvedic medicine, he felt that I suffer because I try to take the distress of other people’s severe destiny, he also gave me the example of how a saint in gujarat suffered as He used to undergo the severity of other people’s destiny and ultimately He had to take samadhi as his physical body could not endure the pain He incurred due to different physical problems .
So today I felt the need to clarify this point to everyone , first of all I have no faith in alleopathy , I have stopped using alleopathy medicine since 1990 and I opt for herbal , naturopathic treatment or in case of some seasonal ailment like high fever or cold and cough I opt for homeopathic medicines, since last two years I have been taking few ayurvedic medicines to increase my stamina and build my resistance which has been reduced due to low pranshakti  (vital force).  I have a been a science student and I know the physiological functioning of the body and have always been cautious about my health and other lifestyle habits therefore by guru’s grace medically everytime the doctor has told me I am absolutely fit and fine. And just for everyone’s information I have been going for yearly full body check up since last three years and the doctors say that except for the low staminawhich I know is spiritual in origin , I have no physical disorder.
Secondly I never try to interfere into anyone’s destiny , I have always preached to people about the tenets of  Sanatan dharma and by guru’s grace people try to implement what I preach , hence the negative energies try to give some dsitress . Since mentally I have been always strongheaded therefore they cant insert negativity in my mind or lower my morale , physically too I have very healthy habits,I always eat what is required for my body anr rearely try to eat to  satiate my taste buds and  hence by guru’s grace even after having different kind of food in different homes since last sixteen years I dont suffer from any chronic ailments therefore the only option left for the negative energies is to reduce my pranshakti (vital force ) to trouble me but then in such case also I try to do seva (service) as much as possible at other levels if physical level seva (service) is not possible.  Guiding people through my writings is an outcome of this.
I never involve myself at sentimental level with anyone’s problems , though I tell everyone to tread the path of dharma and also educate them about the attacks from the sublte negative energies but with a spectators stance , I never try to endure anyone’s destiny rather never interfere in anyone’s destiny , I try to anlayse the root cause of the problems at the subtle level and  if the root cause of the problem is due to destiny I bluntly tell the seeker that the only way out is to endure it and qaulifed spiritual practice will give the energy to bear the severity of the problems .
Now the question is why do I suffer so much , the reason is today the negative energies have attacked all good and evolved seekers and since I expose these subtle aspects and make the seekers  aware of the and also advice them to counter the attacks is the sole reason why I suffer , the negative energies which trouble us are not the ancestors of any seeker , nor do I suffer because I try to endure the severity of their destiny but the attack is totally of a different level , the sorcerers of the sixth and seventh hell region attack me and I am still surviving because I never do anything against my God’s wish. Surviving such highest level of attack is sheer due to guru’s grace and I am born to serve this subtle aspect of my Shreeguru’s divine mission . Yes, the selfless intention, the earnest yearning to serve mankind and to contribute my mite in establishing hindu dharmarajya on mother earth keeps me going and the moment I get a signal from God to stop it, I will do so as I neither  do things at sentimental plane nor do it to earn name fame and money, I am doing all this because God wants me to do it. I never do things out of emotion but perform action as per divine ordain with a complete non doership attitude and this is the sole reason why I can survive all these severe level attacks by the negative energies.
Also would like to mention I have never used  my subtle powers for any kind of selfish gains hence the negative energies are afraid of my intentions and create hurdles in my way.
Once I tell the spiritual remedies to any seeker , I go to the spectator’s trance mode and leave the rest to the guru tattva (guru principle ) and netiher do I worry about the seeker nor about the end result, I try my level best to contribute my mite in preaching but after that I dont look back to see what happened to the seeker , I firmly believe in the maxim “you do your best God wiil do the rest “.  I guide seekers for their problems  but remain unperturbed by their agony because I firmly believe that the guru tattva rewards everyone as per their efforts and bhav so why should I worry and this is the reason of my remaining in bliss.  – Tanuja Thakur  (29.4.2014)

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