The Final Liberation (Moksha)

The Final Liberation (Moksha):

It is of two types, during embodiment (sadeha) and after death (videha).
असंसक्तमतेर्यस्य त्यागदानेषु कर्मणाम् ।
नैषणा तत्स्थितिं विद्घि त्वं जीवन्मुक्ततामिह ।। – ५.४२.१२

Meaning: When there are absolutely no desires associated with the sacrifice of actions and in their performance in a detached person, that state is called Liberation during embodiment (jivanmukti)…. – 5.42.12
When an embodied soul does not need to take rebirth after death that state is called Liberation after death (videha mukti).

Absolute (samyak) knowledge: To attain the Final Liberation one has to attain Self-realisation. In fact it is the only means of attaining the Final Liberation. This spiritual knowledge bestowing the Final Liberation is described thus –

अनाद्यन्तावभासात्मा परमात्मेह विद्यते ।
इत्येको निश्चय: स्फार: सम्यक् ज्ञानं विदुर्बुधा: ।। – ५.७९.२

Meaning: Developing the firm conviction that the eternal, infinite, self illumined Supreme Soul exists in this universe is called acquisition of Absolute knowledge by scholars. – 5.79.2

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