The Divine Goddess who is seated on the lotus


ध्यायेत् पद्मासनस्थां विकसितवदनां पद्मपत्रायताक्षीं
हेमाभां पीतवस्त्रां करकलितलसद्धेमपद्मां वराङ्गीम् |
सर्वालङ्कारयुक्तां सततमभयदां भक्तनम्रां भवानीं
श्रीविद्यां शान्तमूर्तिं सकलसुरनुतां सर्वसम्पत्प्रदात्रीम् ||

Let one meditate upon the Divine Goddess who is seated on the lotus, pleasant faced with long eyes resembling lotus petals.
She is golden hued, and has lotus flowers in Her hand.
She dispels fear of the devotees who bow before Her.
She is the embodiment of peace, knowledge (vidya),
is praised by deities and grants every kind of wealth wished for.


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