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When a corrupt officer did not ask for bribe!

A few days ago, I had to go to a government office for a very important work. Several hindrances had been coming in the way of this work for the last one year. Some people told m
e that the person to whom you are going is very corrupt and despite all the documents being in order, he will demand at least Rs. 5, 000/- from you and if you resent it even a bit, your work will be put in abeyance. It was very important that the work be done on time, hence I thought of doing an experiment. My Shree Guru always says that the chord of the devotee is in the hands of God and the chord of evil persons is with negative energies. Today’s corrupt political leaders, corrupt officers, Dharmadrohis (people who are not righteous), homosexual people, half-nude models, anti-national people et al, all of them are totally in the clutch of negative energies, meaning the physical body of the evil people and mind as well as intellect of negative energies.
Before going to that office, I took a resolve for the work to get completed without any hindrance and did 15 minutes chanting and prayed. Upon reaching there, I started a subtle, armed battle, once I was in front of the officer and kept doing Naamjap and prayers too. In the subtle battle, I was praying to God Shiv that whichever Maantrik (most powerful demoniac forces of the nether world) is trying to put up obstacles in the way of this work getting through this officer, may your weapons hit him and may this officer not ask for a bribe from me. That officer actually possessed a sharp intellect and he posed several questions to me. I too kept making efforts to answer all his questions in a witty manner and side by side, also kept making spiritual efforts. I also kept saying a special prayer, for neither did I want to enter into any dispute with that officer, nor did I want to sully my hands with corruption, because all my documents were in order and I was also assured on one hand. After a 15-minute interview, truth ultimately won. That officer got satisfied and happy too and without asking for a single penny, signed on my documents! By the way, all such officers will be taken to task in the times to come. It is merely that their sins are being listed in our list! When I told this to all those people who were saying that this officer does not do any work without seeking a bribe, they were very surprised.
If such sorts of incidents occur in your life too, let me tell you what you can do.
Fifteen minutes before going to the office, chant Om Namah Shivaay and on completion of the chant, pray thus, “O Shiv , today the work for which I am going to ‘such and such’ office, may the negative energies not create any hurdle in it and may the officer too not create any hurdle. May the negative energies not create any obstacle during the interview with the officer to whom I am going and may he be easily available to us, such is my prayer unto your lotus Feet.” This prayer is important because many times if the work is very important, negative energies can create several types of hurdles; hence, stay alert before hand and make a special prayer. However, remember one thing that there should be no mistake from my side, otherwise God will not help you!


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