Subtle world : Gross changes in my body due to sublte attacks .

When I started my dharmyatra as per God’s wish in 2011 I was 69 kg though overweight but still it was under control but today the swelling has increased so much that it is now evident on my eyes too ! Till 2004 I used to do my exercise regularly and was 64 kg but after my service unto the truth increased at the sublte plane my weight kept fluctuating rather it was on the rise so finally after the sacrifice of body, mind, wealth ,intellect and ego, it was the turn to sacrifice my beautifull slim figure too , but I have  been  always ready to scrifice anything for dharma’s cause , in fact seeing the increase in my swelling I could have stopped the healing  process of others , but I dont feel like doing  so, this shows that my body awareness has decreased a bit !!!  The first picture taken in mar 2011 when I had just started the dharmyatra , I was only 69 kg then , And after three years march 2014 the weight has increased to 83 kg although in January I had got the full body check up done and  there are no medical reasons for my weight gain !- Tanuja Thakur


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