Subtle World-Maa Kaali’s temple in my ancestral village

Under this series of articles, some incidents will be referred to, which will throw light on certain untouched, yet factual aspects of spirituality and subtle world

In November 2009, I started collective Arati resumed in Maa Kaali’s temple in my ancestral village. Some people from our village took some money from my younger brother and got a partial renovation done in the temple. However, they did not feel that collective Arati must be resumed in the temple and the temple was actually lying in a neglected state. Today, wherever Muslims inhabit, rarely will you find a mosque in a neglected state; however, today you will find at several places you will witness scenes of animals entering temples and spreading impurity. In a village with a population of 800 people, I could not stand the neglect of the only temple in the village and motivated a few children and youth of the village and got the collective Arati resumed; side by side, I also started holding Sanskrut Varg (classes for teaching Sanskrut). As soon as this was started, several devotees attending the Arati started getting Anubhutis and they started doing proper Sadhana. If Sadhana is performed with Bhav (spiritual emotion) and proper, Anubhutis will be experienced. However, when I started living in the village, I realised that everyone in the village was suffering from severe problems caused by negative energies and when they started proper Sadhana that I told them to do, the problems caused by negative energies started getting reduced and the subtle war started. The negative energies started manifesting in seekers, raised a ruckus and wanted to get Gati (momentum). At times, they would say, “Stop the Arati, at other times, they would say, teach them Urdu and English, when you teach Sanskrut, our subtle body burns and problems are caused for us.” Sanskrut is Devavaani (language of Gods), the Chaitanya (divine consciousness) inherent in it causes problems for negative energies and through this incidence they started providing evidence to this effect. If 20 children came for Sanskrut Varg, negative energies would manifest themselves in eight of these children and would raise an uproar. Hindus today hardly possess Dharmatej (sheen of righteousness), Braahmtej , Kshaatratej (the lustre of a warrior-like attitude) and knowledge of the subtle world; hence, this sudden incident prepared several opponents for me in the village and they started levelling various blazons upon me and caused mental torture for me and the seekers. I was merely making efforts to create a collective awareness among Hindus through the medium of that temple, I did not know that this ordinary effort of mine would cause so much problem for subtle negative energies.
I understood that I had no other option but give a befitting reply to the opponents and for Dharmajagruti (awareness about Dharma), the village did not require my Saraswati form, but my Kaali form; hence for the first time, I replied to my opponents (many of whom were my relatives) and alerted them not to create obstacles in my work. But the occurrence of negative energies manifesting in the seekers was not stopping, this was a matter of concern for me. As Dharmakaarya (work pertaining to Dharma) had been started by the youth and child seekers; hence, they were experiencing the maximum problems and they are at a good spiritual level. I started teaching the seekers all the spiritual solutions pertaining to negative energies that I had seen Sadguru (spiritual master) performing.
On March 1, 2010, it was the festive day of Holi. The tradition in our village is that people go to each other’s house to seek the blessings of the elders and respectfully greet them by putting Gulaal (fine, coloured powder) to their feet.
I was not keeping good health then; but I could not also bear to see the seekers suffering from problems caused by negative energies; hence, I thought that I would do Naamjap (chanting) and prepare one Maalpua (sweet dish made of wheat flour, sugar and milk) for them and for the rest, I would cook Chhole. During Holi, there is a custom in Bihar and Jharkhand to prepare Maalpua and Dahi-Vada. I had prepared 15 Maalpuas in all, 10 for the seekers suffering from problems caused by negative energies and the rest for offering to Kuladevi.
At about 4.00 p.m. a young seeker girl came and no sooner did she enter the courtyard, the negative energy in her manifested itself and said, “I know you have done Naamjap while preparing Maalpuas for us; but we will not eat them.” I was astonished to hear this, for only I knew that I have done Naamjap and prepared Maalpuas, no one else knew about it and that I have done Naamjap while preparing Maalpuas was known only to my inner self. Surprised, I asked the negative energy, “How do you know all this?” That energy started laughing loudly and said, “Our eyes are always trained on every act of yours, we know that you are making several efforts to destroy us, but we will not allow any of your plans succeed.” I then tried to make it eat that Maalpua, but it tightly shut the mouth with all its might; just then, a few seekers arrived. I told all of them to put just one piece of Maalpua in the girl’s mouth; but together, eight people could not make that tender, 9-year old girl eat even one bite of Maalpua. I then devised another way, I first unmanifested that negative energy and made that girl eat and swallow a bite of Maalpua and then manifested the negative energy. By now, the negative energy got so angry that it seemed that it would kill me; but due to the Gurukrupa (Master’s grace) upon me, it could not do anything. That day, I expressed gratitude to my Guru and took a resolve that from that day onwards, anyone who becomes an associate in my Guru’s kaarya (Master’s work) and if that person suffers from problems of negative energies, I will energise the Prasaad (holy partake) and from that day, this routine started and today, due to Gurukrupa, several seekers have benefited from the energised Prasaad, but I do this only for those seekers who are associates in my work, otherwise the evidence of Hindus who would just want to get cured by taking the energised Prasad will increase, and I don’t want this to happen. When I was about to write this article at 7.30 p.m on 14.11.2012, I was overcome by such sleep that I could get up 12.00 midnight and when I again sat down to write it on the morning of 15.11.2012, I again felt sleepy, this makes it clear how much they hate my writings !-Tanuja Thakur

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