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• In the month of July 2011 ,  I had gone to Kashmir for the Maha Yagya & Mass Yagnyopavit and the renovation of Shiva temple that got renovated at Paapharan Naag in Ananat Naag district . Before I could reach there the negative energies attacked me . Firstly I had a ticket problem , I had already informed the agent that I had health issues and I wont be able to bear long hour break journey  . The flight from Delhi had  got delayed and my pranshakti (vital energy) became very low in the airport itself I had struggle hard to board the flight to Srinagar and the whole day which it nearly took I was gasping badly with no good reason. I had to opt for a cart from the security check in counter to the flight point .
When I reached the place where the ceremony was to be held, I was shocked as the whole environment was fully clouded with the presence of negative energies at the subtle level and it was a real challenge for the whole function to get over smoothly,  I started the healing process of the place and the people  present there.  In fact the negative energies present there outnumbered the people present there.

When  I saw the picture clicked during the programme the presence of skulls in the pictures shocked me, in fact these are a lesson to every human why one should perform the rites after death properly , among the negative energies present 70% were non hindus and 30% were the ancestors of the Kashmiri pandits who had come for the sadgati knowing the power of my shreeguru and me as the medium.
I was not even able to sit for half an in the ceremony continously  and had to retire to my room , as every time I used to come out to attend the ceremony  they used to attack me collectively . The after effects of the attack was there for atleast five days and gratitude  to the  members of the APMCC who had organised the programme, they  showed amazing hospitality when they saw me suffering badly.- Tanuja Thakur







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