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Is it imperative for spiritualists to wear saffron clothes?


Several people feel that those who don saffron only can be saints or the torch-bearers of Vedic Dharma. This too is a false notion because of a lack of Dharma Shikshan (education on Vedic Dharma). Saint Tulsidas has said, ‘समरथ को नहीं दोष गोसाई’, Samarath Ko Nahin Dosh Gosain, meaning rules of Karm Kaand (rules of ritualistic worship as defined in the scriptures) and Dharmaacharan (abiding by the Vedic Dharma’s code of conduct) are not binding on those who are spiritually capable. An ordinary person and Seeker (those at a spiritual level between 20-59%) must wear Bharatiya (Indian) dresses and Saatvik (pious) colours in cotton, and if the financial condition allows for, wear silken clothes. Black, green, purple, brown and other such dark colours are not spiritually conducive for Sadhana for the Seekers. Synthetic clothes and western clothes made from artificial thread, are not conducive for spiritual practice. Bharatiya attire made from natural thread like cotton and silk possess a higher efficiency to attract the divine element,protect the seeker from the attack of negative energies and it forms a Samrakshak-Kavach (protective armour) on the seeker.
But the colour or thread has no impact on a person above the spiritual level of 60%, for such souls are connected to the divine element at an internal level for maximum period of time. In the case of Saints who are connected to the divine element always, the type of clothes does not have any special bearing on the energy or bliss they emit, as they are already above this. The higher the level of a Saint, minimal is the impact of external objects on them. Thus, a seeker must concentrate on increasing the Sadhana, observe how the saintly ones served their Gurus, or how they practised Sadhana, rather than focus attention on their external appearance. Sadhana must be increased to a level where we can recognise whether the person in front of us is a Saint or not. Sanyasis (Celibates) sporting saffron too can be Saints, or a person wearing ordinary clothes too can be a spiritualist, a Guru or a saint providing Dharma Shikshan.-Tanuja Thakur

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