Spiritual healing, questions & Spiritual experiences(Anubhuti) vis-a-vis negative energies :

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Questions pertaining to negative energies:
Ever since I have started doing Sadhana, I feel pain all over the body.  – Neha Mishra, Lucknow.
Problems can never be experienced whenever one starts performing Sadhana, until and unless one has problems caused by negative energies. You suffer from problems caused by negative energies; hence upon beginning Sadhana, the black energy accumulated all over your gross body, which has pervaded virtually every cell of your body, starts getting destroyed and when this happens, you experience pain.  This is a process of purification; thus, you must maintain continuity in Sadhana.  After some time, you yourself will automatically be able to feel the difference.  You suffer from sleeplessness, which is again the result of the black energy accumulated in your body and you have a bulky body too.   If you follow all the spiritual solutions like salt-water treatment, solution of the Sky principle, chanting along with Nyas, the problems will reduce.
Spiritual experiences (Anubhuti) pertaining to negative energy:
In March 2012, when Tanuja Didi visited our house, she told me that the black veil around me had increased and as a result of that, I had also put on weight and said, ‘You must do salt-water treatment everyday’.  The reality was that within three months, the unnecessary and indecent thoughts had increased so much in my mind, that despite being a staunch Hindu, I had developed an intense attraction for a Muslim male, with whom I had come into contact through internet and many a time I felt, as if my mind was not in my control.  I was putting on weight for no particular reason; I am normally quite vigilant about my health and normally make an effort not to eat any outside food, fatty, oily or spicy food and that I eat nutritious food.    That I was putting on weight despite all this, was a cause for concern.  I started doing salt-water treatment, as advised by Didi and within one month, I reduced 4 kg weight, without any dietary restrictions and I reverted to my normal self.  Some of my acquaintances wanted to know what regimen I had followed to reduce weight.  The most important thing was that there was a positive change in my views.  When Didi met me again in July 2012, she told me that I was back to my normal self and your black veil too has decreased and the attraction for the Muslim man too came to an end.  – A seeker
Analysis of Anubhuti: A Muslim had hypnotised this seeker through some occult power to lure her into the web of love and this was the reason she felt as if her mind were not in her control and also the reason for her putting on weight.  Salt-water treatment and by doing suitable chanting, she could break the the veil that occurred due to the occult power used on her and she became normal.  In reality, this lady would have got sacrificed at the altar of ‘Love Jihaad’, a vicious cycle meant to corrupt Hindu women, had she not started doing Sadhana at the right time.

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