Anubhuti (Spiritual Experience) pertaining to negative energies:

Anubhuti pertaining to negative energies:

“I am two-months pregnant. It is my good fortune that I was able to get the Satsang (pious company) of Tanuja Didi, for she had stayed at our house during her Dharmayatra in August 2012.

One day, she was telling me various points that a pregnant lady should keep in mind so that the child is born pious. It was 10.30 pm. Like always, Didi was typing something on the laptop and sharing the points I should follow. She also told me to do Nyas Mudra and to explain the Mudra to me, she kept the laptop at some distance from herself. After telling me about the Mudra, when she tried to pick up the laptop again, the cursor started running haywire on its own, For three minutes, her Facebook page kept shaking violently. My younger brother-in-law is a software engineer. So I immediately called him and showed this but he said that it can happen sometimes.

However, Didi said, “Negative energies have attacked my laptop, for the one who is being brought up in your womb is a high-level Jivatma (embodied soul). At that very moment, the mouse pad of Didi’s laptop ‘froze’ and despite my brother-in-law trying his best for two hours, it could not be restored. Didi said, “Leave it, it is an attack by negative energies. May be, it will get all right by tomorrow morning.” Surprisingly, it happened exactly like that. All efforts by my brother-in-law went in vain and the next morning, everything was functioning normally.
What is surprising is that ever since the negotiations for our marriage started, both the families started experiencing sudden problems and the incidence of problems kept increasing. And just a couple of months ago, when Didi had met my husband, she had predicted then that a high-level Jivatma is about to come and as a result, negative energies are causing problems to both the families. Both of us – husband and wife – were not keen on expanding our family at present.
But the day Didi arrived, I fell ill in the office and had to visit a doctor the next day who confirmed the impending arrival of the new guest. For a few moments, me and my husband did not accept this news as we were not ready. But after talking to Didi, we got assured. And now we have resolved to do Sadhana to welcome this new guest.”
– A seeker

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