Spiritual Experience of a seeker



Lets see a spiritual experience of a seeker who is trying to do Shree gurudev datt chanting during this pitrupaksh . He is a senior government officer and an intellectual too .


“Due to Pitru Dosh (curse of the ancestors of a severe level in our house, Tanuja Didi had asked me to chant 72 ‘maalas’ of ‘Shree Guru Dev Datt’ during Pitru Paksh (fortnight of the ancestors). She also instructed that in case any problems were encountered, she must be informed through SMS. After trying for 1-2 days, the maximum Jap (chant) that I could do was of 11-12 Maalas. On October 8, 2012, getting up at 3.00 a.m, after the daily ablutions and taking a bath, I sat down to do the Jap. For the first two Maalas, there was not much of a problem, but then I experienced excessive thirst, I normally sit down to do Puja and take an hour or so and normally do not experience drying of the mouth…..the kind of thirst that I experienced, was not a normal thirst, but the kind of thirst that one experiences on a scorching afternoon and even after drinking the water the thirst was not getting quenched. On asking Didi about its cause, she replied, “Your ancestors are thirsty, they are telling you what thirst is and why water should be offered (to ancestors) during Pitru Paksh. I told Didi that this was experiencing an Anubhuti of the ancestors!!! To this, Didi replied, ” yes they are trying to give you the experience of how they feel when the male members of the family don’t do tarpan during pitrupaksh , and hence the ancestors create problems for us.” Merely on imagining that the ancestors would be feeling troubled to such an extent, or even more, tears swelled up in my eyes.”……… A seeker

-Tanuja Thakur

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