Shocking: PeTA kills animals & lectures us about Jallikattu!

PETA (people for ethical treatment of animals), has been vehemently opposing Jallikattu (racing of bulls in Tamil nadu) and Kambala (racing of buffaloes in Karnataka). Both these are traditionally used to pick the best bulls, who are then bred to maintain breed standard.

Since the main purpose is breeding, the animals are treated with a lot of care, love and affection. Yet PETA has gone all out to get it banned with claims of cruelty. Is PETA right or should we believe all our people who repeatedly speak out in support of Jallikattu?

Let’s do a quick background check on PETA:

First of all, if you think PETA is against killing animals, you are wrong. PETA is all for killing animals. They kill 97% percent (yes, almost 100%) of the perfectly healthy cats and dogs that come to their headquarters in Virginia! Unlike other animal shelters they don’t bother to try to get these animals adopted. They even have mobile killing kits to kill puppies and kittens on the spot. But don’t be disgusted. This is perfectly ethical apparently because they kill the animals ‘humanely’!

Second, they are apparently against all pets. Doesn’t matter that dogs and other domesticated animals have lived alongside humans for possibly tens of thousands of years. Doesn’t matter that animals brought up with humans would be lost and helpless without human support. That’s not cruel according to PETA who, not surprisingly, don’t seem to know the first thing about animals, which is that they have feelings and opinions just as humans do. But nope, PETA wants to ban pets.

They also seem to want to ban seeing-eye dogs, sniffer dogs, horses / cattle / elephants / monkeys… Basically any animals that are engaged in any sort of intelligent activity and / or interactions with humans.

And they are usually against zoos and any sort of animal conservation efforts. The list goes on.

Essentially, PETA wants us to stop interacting with all animals ourselves and fund them instead. They then use the money donated by animal lovers (about 35 million dollars every year) to build huge kill facilities and hire celebrities to pose nude in exotic locations in meaningless headline-grabbing campaigns. The idea is always to shock you into not looking too deeply into their motives!

These are the people lecturing us about our bulls! Why aren’t we banning foreign groups with no domain knowledge, who interfere with our ecosystems? , Jan 15,2017

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