Should chanting be done with full concentration or is it fine if its happens with daily chores ? ?

Question : Namaskar. It is a privilege having access to your website. Thank you very much.
Lately I have been chanting ‘Om Shree Gurudev Datt” mantra as advised by you. I realize it slowly becomes an effortless chanting once it starts. As a matter of fact, the mantra keeps humming in the mind non stop while I am able to casually think something else. It is like dual tasking. Only effort required is to start it and chant consciously for a few times initially and thereafter sub-concious mind takes over. Once the subconscious mind gets into the rhythm it carries on till I switch over to some other bigger attention seeking task. It is something like what we sometimes experience with some song or a musical note that stays in our mind and plays for the entire day. My concern is, whether such a chanting is good enough or we should chant consciously with full focus on it without letting other thoughts getting into the mind. I chant it normally during my daily 7 KM long walk on the road side in a hustle and bustle of Mumbai, where other thoughts are bound to get in, but Mantra keeps humming.
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Answer: Namaskar, Deepak ji ,
Nice to know you have started chanting the mantra, as I had mentioned earlier also that you are at a fairly good spiritual level hence the spiritual experience that you have been sharing is quite obvious. You are at 50% spiritual level and your mind has been tuned to continuous chanting before I met you, just the mantra was changed hence after a few days you could experience the effortless chanting happening.
The mind has two parts one is the conscious mind and another is subconscious mind. The subconscious mind goes along with the embodied soul after the death too , and hence the spiritual practice that we do in different births is carried forward through this subtle body called manodeh or the mental body . If the sanskar or the impression of chanting is built in the subconscious mind then the chanting occurs effortlessly and the conscious mind keeps thinking other worldly matters , you have been experiencing this state . Its nice to know your have been chanting the mantra while walking and since the eyes are opened hence the thoughts related to the organs will enter the mind . Continue whatever you have been doing, at the same time try to sit with your eyes closed and also do the mantra for at least half an hour with full concentration, this helps in increasing the centre of chanting or the impression of chanting in our subconscious mind which in turn increases our energy and this helps in fighting with the energy of negative forces which has been troubling you ! You are on the right track go ahead, God bless. – (Paratpar guru) Tanuja Thakur


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