Sham secularism of Congress – Maharashtra Government okays Rs. 10 crore for modernisation of madrasas

New York Police declare mosques to be terrorist dens and our pro-Muslim Congress Government doles out money of Hindus by way of taxes on madarasas !
     Mumbai – In a major decision ahead of Assembly elections, Maharashtra Cabinet approved a proposal by the Minorities Department for allocation of Rs. 10 crore for the ongoing academic year, to modernise madarasas in the State.
     Around two lakh students study in madarasas in the State, which has about 3,000 such madarasas. “The decision has been taken in keeping with Justice Sachar Committee’s recommend-ation to bring those studying in madarasas into the mainstream”, Minorities Development Minister Naseem Khan told reporters. He added, “This year, 200 madarasas will be provided financial assistance. Each madarasa will get Rs. 2 lakh per year and Rs. 50,000 as one time fund for library. D.Ed. and B.Ed. teachers teaching in these madarasas will get Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 8,000 respectively per month. The madarasa students, who study in 9th or 10th class in nearby schools, will get annual scholarship of Rs. 4,000; the amount will be Rs. 5,000 for 11th and 12th class students. (Ref.: India TV)

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