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Tipu Sultan – a mass murderer, Islamic extremist and traitor of India.

Tipu Sultan was a mass murderer. He murdered thousands of innocent Hindus and forcibly converted them to Islam in lakhs in Karnataka and Kerala. The Hindu Nair community was virtually wiped off in several parts of Kerala (Malabar) by Tipu. Scores of temples were destroyed and mosques erected in its place. Cows were slaughtered over the idols before destroying the temples to drive home the point of his religious intolerance.

Tipu not a freedom fighter but a traitor: Hyder Ali, father of Tipu, usurped the kingdom from Wodeyers – the true representatives of the people of Mysore. Tipu was never a “Sultan”. In order to be recognized as Sultan, a muslim king has to request the title from the Kaliphate/Turkic kingdom. Tipu applied for it, but never granted the title. In order to get the title, Tipu was ready to make his kingdom under the subservience of Turkey.

Tipu suppressed the freedom of the people of Mysore. He was a traitor of his own people. In addition, Tipu did not fight against colonialism. Although he fought against British he supported French colonizing India. He and his father were planted and groomed by French.

Pakistan has a battle ship called PNS Tipu Sultan, for the reasons that are Islamic and anti-India. Now we have our own leaders of Indian Govt glorifyng this traitor of the nation.

India’s Union Minister for Minority Affairs K. Rahman Khan announced on 4th Nov 2012 that the government was setting up five universities across the country. One of them would be established at Srirangapatna and it would be named after Tipu Sultan, the 18th century Mysore ruler.

On a single day in Srirangapattana, 700 families of unarmed Hindu Brahmins were massacred at Tipu’s orders. This is the same place where the Govt has proposed to build Tipu University! Srirangapattanam is also a major Hindu Pilgrimage destination in south India.

Religious harmony is the key stone of today’s Secular Democratic India. How can the Indian Government be so insensitive to the Nation by honoring a traitor and mass murderer like Tipu Sultan.

Indian Govt must use a different name, which in the least does not damage the secular fabric of India, the fabric of religious harmony. There is no dearth of muslims who have contributed positively towards India.Then why a mass murderer and islamic fundamentalist like Tipu??

How can our own government behave like an enemy of the state?? The Govt of India must drop Tipu Sultan University immediately.

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