How does Sadhana occur through the medium of Dharma Prasaar(the service of spreading spirituality) ?

Dharma Prasar leads to enhancement of knowledge
During Dharma prasar, when we meet various types of seekers and the curious ones, several times, we learn from them and many a time, in the process of finding answers to the questions posed by them, the degree of our knowledge increases. When we impart knowledge about Dharma to society, we practice Dharma and acquire knowledge. Hindu Dharma does not have only one Dharmagranth (scripture), or one method of devotion and nor is there one Yogmarg (path to salvation). Thus, the science of spirituality of Vedic Sanatan Dharma is like a vast ocean and it is difficult for a Sadhak to be adept in all the Yogmargs, scriptures and methods of worship; hence through the medium of Dharma Prasar, we get an immensely beautiful glimpse of the vastness of Vedic knowledge.When we see different seekers and Saints in the society making spiritual progress through different spiritual paths, then we get a wonderful opportunity of learning spirituality first hand.
Samashti Sadhanais attained through the Seva of Dharma Prasar
There are two types of Sadhana: one is Vyashti Sadhana (Sadhana at an individual level) and the other one is Samashti Sadhana (service at a societal level).
Vyashti Sadhana meaning those spiritual efforts that lead to one’s own spiritual progress and Samashti Sadhana, meaning making efforts by imparting knowledge of Dharma to the society for its spiritual progress. According to our Shree Guru, His Holiness Dr.Athavale, in Kaliyug (the age of Kali), the importance of Vyashti Sadhana is 30% and that of Samashti Sadhana is 70%. Offering one’s body, mind, wealth, intellect, or ability and becoming an associate in Dharma Prasaar Seva (propogation of Dharma) as per one’s capacity,Samashti Sadhana becomes easily possible.
Becoming eligible for the grace of saints by doing Seva of Dharma Prasar
The easiest way to receive Saint’s grace is to become an associate in the work dear to saints.   May Dharma be protected and may all beings abide Dharma and remain contented and blissful is the fundamental societal objective of saints. Therefore, when we become directly, or indirectly associated with the mission of saints, we receive their grace easily and by performing full-time Sadhana for the mission of Saints, we receive 100% of their grace. Even while being a householder, by contributing one’s mite as per one’s capacity for their mission, their grace is received to the extent of 70%, while byDarshan (seeing them)merely 2%, meaning almost negligible grace is received.
Receiving Nirguna Guru’s grace through Dharma Prasar
There are two forms of a Guru – one is the Saguna(physical form).  Saguna form, meaning Guru in physical form and Nirguna, meaning God without form.  Dharma is the form of Achyuta, that is God Vishnu; hence, even if a seeker does not have a Guru even then on being associated in the work of Dharma Prasar, divine grace starts flowing on them and with the increase in the Bhav (spiritual emotion) and sacrifice, the grace of a Guru in Saguna form makes an auspicious entry into one’s life.  In short, those seekers who have the desire and the yearning to get a Guru, must make efforts to contribute their mite in Dharma Prasar Seva without expectation.
Seva of Dharma Prasar meaning the best medium of Varnanusar Sadhana (spiritual practice as per system of class)
Those offering their intellect for Dharma Prasar Seva by providing Dharma Shikshan perform the Seva of Brahmin Varna. Preventing the denigration of Saints-Gurus, Dharma Granthas(holy texts), cows, Ganga, Bharat Mata etc. by motivating society to protect Dharma by acting against Dharma Drohis(traitors to Dharma)and even being prepared to give up one’s own life for this objective is known as Sadhana of Kshatriya Varna.  During the present times, Sadhana of Kshatriya Varna is more important. Similarly, following Dharma by selflessly offering one-tenth of the monthly income for the work of Dharma Kaarya fulfills theSadhana of Vaishya varna and utilising the body to perform Seva, such as putting up a book exhibition, going door-to-door to distribute invitations for Satsang and putting up banners and posters fulfils the Seva of Shudra Varna.  It is extremely important to do Seva of all the four Varnasfor making spiritual progress at a fast pace, meaning returning unto God’s feet, whatever God has given us is called Varnanusar Sadhana and doing Dharma PrasarSevais the best medium of performing sadhana.
Dharma PrasarSevaleads to reduction of ego
During Dharma Prasar Seva, some people affectionately call us to listen to us, while others scoff at us and drive us away. Some respect our spirit of sacrifice and knowledge, while others insult us by calling us imposters. Thus, in both kinds of circumstances, when we do not have any reaction, we gradually proceed towards a state of equanimity and our spiritual progress takes place at a faster pace. At the same time, knowing that there are better and more knowledgeable seekers than us, reduces our ego. While doing Dharma Prasar Seva, we practice how to tell others about doing Sadhana and the science of spirituality. Thinking about others reduces our thoughts and leads to a reduction of our ego.  Moreover, we get to learn about the signs of ego on meeting seekers who are full of ego and at the same time,while explaining the subject of ego dissolution to creating awareness about it, we ourselves start becoming introverted and start making efforts towards getting rid of ego.
Dharma PrasarSeva leads to a reduction of bodily attachment
A saint has said, “Only the supreme devotee can do Dharma PrasarSeva.”  While doing Dharma Prasar Seva every moment is a test of Sadhaktva(seeker-hood). A seeker doing the Seva of propagation frequently faces adverse circumstances. Very often a seeker, leaving his home,comforts and the companionship of family,must live in a hostile environment for the work of propagation. At times, for several days, unable to get food to one’s taste for days together, the attachment towards food gets destroyed, while at times during Seva situations arise where one is not able to take a bath or eat on time.  It is then that the seeker begins to endure everything calmly and after facing such circumstances repeatedly, a seeker’s bodily awareness gets reduced and he/she starts staying in bliss. – Tanuja Thakur


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